In investing, very rarely does one size fit all. We address this lack of uniformity by constructing a unique portfolio for each client based on their individual position. All new client relationships begin with in-person meetings to discuss goals and priorities. We then review each client’s specific situation and current positions to customize an asset allocation tailored to them. Our extensive experience developing individualized portfolios for high-net-worth individuals, family office groups, and multi-generational families sets us apart from other firms.

Client Relationships

Our firm maintains a low family-to-advisor ratio to ensure we are able to provide an exceptionally high level of service to your financial needs. Our management team frequently travels the country to meet with clients, and stands readily available to meet as often as a client desires. We work to ensure that your investment needs are met, and provide you with a clear understanding of how your money is invested. In addition to our personal relationship with clients, we utilize a team of dedicated professionals to provide personal banking services for the convenience of centralizing our clients' finances.


At Coyle Capital, we work to maintain liquidity of your assets. We avoid the costly fee structure of traditional alternative investments, which often charge 2% management fees and 20% of earnings, by using publicly listed "proxy" investments to gain access to Hedge Funds and Private Equity managers. These readily saleable proxy investments provide access to these asset classes while avoiding their traditional fees. Furthermore, their liquidity provides our clients with flexibility as we are able to move assets between classes as needed, with no one being "locked in."


We are a fee-only advisor and charge clients a percentage of assets under management. This in turn aligns our interests with that of our clients. We do not earn commissions selling proprietary products like many large banks, which are often used to help the firm's bottom line and/or earn commissions for their managers. With no conflicted interests, we are able to shop all of Wall Street to select the best assets for our clients' customized portfolios, and to consider tax implications when making our investment allocations. We avoid opaque investment products, with clients able to verify every security they hold.